Classes – Utah Valley University offers Portuguese classes at the Beginning (PORT1010 and 1020), Intermediate (2010 and 202G) and Advanced Level (3000+ level).  Check the Catalog for description of these classes.

Among the latest you can choose PORT3050 Advanced Grammar (entryway for all other advanced classes), PORT3200 Business Portuguese, PORT3520 Brazilian Culture, and PORT3620 Brazilian Literature.

Where do you start?

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 1.55.20 PM

English Speakers, with no previous knowledge of Portuguese (or Spanish), start in PORT1010 – that’s our true beginner’s class.

Spanish Speakers start in PORT2010 IF you have the time to study hard.  Otherwise, if you’re very busy with other classes, family, start in PORT1020.  Not only this will save you 1-2 semesters of classes, but will build on the language skills you already have to enable you to converse in Portuguese within a few weeks!!  English only speakers also join Spanish speakers in both classes.

If you lived 2 years abroad, start in PORT3050.  This is a review of Advanced Grammar, as well as reading and comprehension of literary and formal texts.  It’s the gateway for all Advanced classes, and the first one required for a Minor in Foreign Languages.

Many PORT3050 students choose also to “buy” the previous credits, while others choose to “challenge” PORT1010 and PORT1020.   Depending on your major, you may prefer to buy – and get experiential credit – or challenge – and improve your GPA by taking that class’ final exam (your grade for that class).  On this later option, you’ll need to pay full tuition for this 4-credit class.

TIP: Between 12-18 credits the tuition is the same – which means you pay nothing extra!!

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