Did you know our UVU library has a wonderful collection of Brazilian movies?
Here is a list of what I compiled – different fields, different tastes/qualities:
(music dvds have a bullet in front of it) – Check them out!! Host a Brazilian film night!!!

100% regional Capoeira [DVD videorecording]
Capoeira by the Senzala Group
A casa de Alice [DVD videorecording]
A Hora da estrela [DVD videorecording] = The hour of the star
• Adriana Calcanhoto – Público
Agosto Amarelo manga (Motion picture)
Amores possíveis [DVD videorecording] = Possible loves
Antônia [DVD videorecording]
As três Marias [DVD videorecording] = the three Marias
• Antônio Nóbrega – Lunario Perpetuo
As três Marias
• Balé  um clássico carioca [DVD videorecording] = Ballet, A Rio de Janeiro Classic
Bandits [DVD videorecording]Special ed.; widescreen version.
Bossa nova [DVD videorecording]Widescreen ed.
Basic techniques of Capoeira = [DVD videorecording]
• Batuque – Ney MatogrossoBrazil
Brazil in Black and White
Brazil Revealed
Brazilian literature [DVD videorecording] : the first 500 years
• Cantigas de amigo [sound recording] = songs for a friend Ensemble Alcatraz.
• Caetano Veloso – Coração Vagabundo
Capitães de abril [DVD videorecording] = April captainsWidescreen.

Central do Brasil (Motion picture)

Capoeira na veia [DVD videorecording]
• Cesaria Evora [DVD videorecording] : morna blues
• Chico Buarque O Futebol
• Chico e as cidades [DVD videorecording]
Chiquinha Gonzaga
Cidade de Deus (Motion picture)
Cidade dos homens [DVD videorecording] : the complete series
Cinema, aspirins and vultures [DVD videorecording]
Cientistas Brasileiros [DVD videorecording] / César Lattes & José Leite Lopes
Diarios de motocicleta [DVD videorecording] = The motorcycle diaries  Widescreen ed.
• Fados [DVD videorecording]
Favela rising [DVD videorecording]
• Gil & Milton [sound recording]
• Gilberto Gil acoustic [DVD videorecording]
Grande Sertão Veredas
Heima [DVD videorecording] : a film
Hollow city [DVD videorecording] = Na cidade vazia
• Ivete Sangalo no maracana [DVD videorecording]
JK (Juscelino Kubitscheck)
La frontera [DVD videorecording] = La fronteira : una historia de inmigrantes en America (basada en hechas de la vida real)
Lavoura arcaica [DVD videorecording] = [To the left of the father]
• Lenine – Cite
Lisbon story [DVD videorecording]  Widescreen ed.
Madame Satã [DVD videorecording]
Manda bala [DVD videorecording] = Send a bullet  Widescreen format.
• MPB par Eles [DVD videorecording] : [grandes vozes masculinas sa nossa música]
Muda Brasil [DVD videorecording]
O País de São Sarue^ [DVD videorecording]
Na cidade vazia
O caminho das nuvens [DVD videorecording] = Middle of the worldWidescreen.
O homem que copiava [DVD videorecording]
O homen do ano [DVD videorecording] = The man of the year
O outro lado da rua [DVD videorecording]Letterbox.
• Olha que coisa mais linda [DVD videorecording] : uma homenagem a Tom Jobin
Orfeu negro [DVD videorecording] = Black Orpheus
Oscar Niemeyer [DVD videorecording] : a vida é um sopro
Povo brasileiro (Television program)
Rodas de Capoeira [DVD videorecording]
Os Anos Rebeldes
Saludos amigos [DVD videorecording] com Ze Carioca
• Sassaricando  (marchinhas de carnaval)
• Tambores de Minas ao vivo [DVD videorecording] – Milton Nascimento
The charcoal people of Brazil [DVD videorecording]
The eighth color of the rainbow [DVD videorecording]
The house of sand [DVD videorecording] = Casa de areia
The year my parents went on vacation [DVD videorecording]
Urban solutions from Curitiba, Brazil [DVD videorecording]
Veias e vinhos [DVD videorecording] : uma história brasileira
Quase dois irmãos [DVD videorecording] = Almost brothers
Viagem ao princípio do mundo [DVD videorecording] = Journey to the beginning of the
Vidas secas [DVD videorecording]
• Vinícius [DVD videorecording]
Vintage Brazilian History Films
• Zeca Baleiro – Líricas


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