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So now we have a blog dedicated exclusively to UVU’s Study Abroad to Brazil – check it out!!!



Ponte noite

Study Abroad in Brazil – Come experience Brazil and expand your Portuguese language skills!  Service-Learning credit opportunities!!!!   All levels offered.  For Summer 2010 we’re planning to partner with Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC), in the city of Florianópolis.  For four times in a row Florianópolis has been named the Brazilian capital with the best quality of life; average temperature for May is 65-77F.  We’re planning on having classes in the morning, with afternoons devoted to free time/service-learning activities.

globally engaged

Classes offered: We’ll offer all levels, from beginning to advanced.  For beginners, MAKE SURE YOU TAKE ONE CLASS HERE before joining our group.  You’ll benefit much more and enjoy the experience better if you have at least a semester of classes.


Homestays: You’ll live with Brazilian families, selected by UFSC, our host institution.  This kind of immersion will greatly help you improve the language and ease you into the culture.  Meals included.


Service-Learning Option: The service-learning we’re planning involves conversational language exchanges: by conversing with fellow UFSC students you help each other improve their linguistic skills, and therefore be better prepared for an internationally connected career in the future.  ½ the time in Portuguese, ½ in English.

passeio ruas florianopolis

What better way to learn the language than hanging out with native speakers around campus or while visiting sites such as the historic downtown or strolling on the beaches,  sandboarding , going on a boat tour?


Excursions: The theme for our Study Abroad is “What makes Brazil Brazil?”.  With this in mind, we intend to explore:

1) some of the natural resources (we’re planning either a hike, a bike, or a boat ride) with a specialist in preservation;

2) historical sites – buildings, museums, guided tours;

3) the artistic side of Brazil, with visits to art museums, and places where Brazilian music/cinema/literature were born/ flourished;

4) Brazil as the 8th largest economy in the World, through visits to the business district and a few companies.

transferable and marketable skills

Find out more by contacting Prof. Débora Ferreira ( or by visiting UVU’s International Office

IMPORTANT: student visa required, so sign up early – sign up by December 18 2009 and save $300 !

Study_Abroad_Brazil_Final 2009


Go ahead:  copy the image, spread the word – let’s form our group to go on this Study Abroad!


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  1. melissa porras

    HI I want to get ready to get everything to go. I am planning to take this trip please if you have any information I can start filling out papers to get everything set up. Thank you

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